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To catch you up a bit, I am Sandy! Owner of SLP established in 2014, the moment I turned 18! I started doing friends senior photos then, 2015 I had my first wedding. I went into it never have done a wedding before - yes, meaning, I never even second shot before I shot my first wedding as lead photographer. That was incredibly scary. To have that trust & faith put in me to capture that day so early on in my business. I guess they believed in me from the very beginning. & for that I am incredibly grateful because it's what brought me to where I am today. Fun fact - that couple still comes back to me for family photos

I went to NWTC for their photography program. Graduated end of 2016. Then, 2018 I had 8 weddings & since then the numbers have kept growing. I went full time September of 2019 & truly haven't looked back since! Even though had my first full time year during a pandemic & got married.

But, I believe every SINGLE step of the way has helped me grow this business to where I want it to be!

With the knowledge I can provide, I want to fuel others, teach you what has helped me & in turn help YOU grow.

EEK OMG! You may be here because you are ready to take that step of growing your business!

I am living my dream & I want you to be able to live yours too!

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Let's have a 1-on-1 session!


+ Chat about what you are looking for
+ Dream up a shoot & I'll plan it tailored to you
+ Create some magic with an amazing couple
+ learn how to navigate a session
+ what i do to get clients comfortable
+ grab a coffee or lunch after & ask any q's
+ we can edit a little, or chat all things biz

3-5 hours long

unconventionally you

A photographer's workshop that focuses on genuine connections & finding the way to being unconventionally you in your business!

Next Workshop announcement coming soon!

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Hosted by me - Sandra Lynn Photography
Telling stories unconventionally since 2014